Varsity Baseball Schedule 2017

Coach: Tanner Thompson

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March 2-4 Eula Tournament Eula TBA
March 7th Rotan Eula 4:30
March 9-11 Graford Tournament Graford TBA
March 20th Stamford JV Eula 5:00
March 24th Baird Eula 4:30
March 28th Knox City Knox City 5:00
March 31st Stamford JV Eula 5:00
April 4th Knox City Eula 5:00
April 7th Baird Baird 6:30
April 10th Clyde JV Eula 5:00
April 18th Knox City Knox City 5:00
April 21st Baird Eula 4:30


Game times, sites, and teams involved are subject to change.